Monday, June 29, 2009

Website Seedling

I've got a lot to add to it still of course, but finally something has been started.

Thanks SO much to everyone for your support thus far; it means a lot!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shelby & Kevin

Ceremony Location: MSU Alumni Chapel

Reception Location: University Club, East Lansing

Wedding Colors: Purple & Green

# Guests: 140

Emergency Kit Items Used: Tape, Pins, lots of Kleenex!

This one was a special one to me because not only are Shelby & Kevin clients, but also friends. I had been on-board to do Shelby's wedding months ago, but in the meantime we became wedding planning friends and then friends "in real life". My husband Dan and I were invited to this wedding as guests, so I readily put him to work for me that day instead of bringing an assistant. I am not sure how much he enjoyed that, but he had no choice in the matter :-)

The day started out bright and early, and we had lost power at home so we started off to East Lansing a bit earlier than planned, dog and all. The reception location, University Club, has Candlewood Suites attached which is where we were to stay that night. I have to give them major thanks for being so accomodating once I told them our situation (no power) and allowing us to check in so much earlier than usual with no additional charges. They also gave me a discounted pet rate.

Dan and I arrived to the MSU Alumni Chapel just as Horrock's was delivering the flowers, so I checked all of those and started pinning bouts on the guys. It is a pretty ceremony location, and as I understand, only MSU alumni (ahem, both Shelby & Kevin are very proud Spartans!) and a select few others are able to use this church. The gorgeous bride arrived a little while later and in good spirits. As she and the girls were getting dressed and ready, my "assistant husband" and I got to attaching pew bows and setting out the other decor/accessories (unity candle, initial letters to hang from the church doors, garland, guest book, programs, rose petals).

The ceremony site coordinator, Sarah, was professional and ran things exactly as needed. In many cases with ceremony sites, intervention by an additional coordinator is not neccessary. As always, I am on-hand and available to step in where needed, but my purpose is not to step on toes. I provided Kleenex for our tearful bride pre-ceremony, fluffed her dress, and off she went. The ceremony started on time and was tearful but very pretty. Upon exit, I had guests take handfuls of fresh flower petals. The bride and groom made their exit as we all tossed the purple rose petals. I cannot wait to see those photos. I am a huge fan of exiting with the rose petals; I really love the photos that result from this.

After cleaning everything out of the church and getting the couple off in their limo, we then headed to the reception site. We were greeted by Janice at University Club and began the setup as discussed. Shelby had a candy buffet, purple uplighting, and 8 miniature angel food cakes with sugar flowers on top of a glass cake stand as her centerpieces. The initial letters we used at the church were attached to the head table. Also, we placed another great floor monogram from Right On The Walls to the dance floor.

Instead of a memory table, two place settings were set with an empty plate and a red rose in memory of Kevin's father and brother who are no longer with us. A very thoughtful touch. We could not find the two red roses anywhere (as it turns out, someone forgot to bring them) so I sent my dear husband out to get some roses. He was a trooper for me that day!!

The University Club staff (Janice and Tricia) were a HUGE help and so very accomodating to anything we needed. It is much appreciated when reception site staff works with the coordinator rather than against them and I could not have asked for more cooperation. They were terrific.

Everything ran smoothly and as planned. There was a minor emergency regarding the music, but luckily we got that problem solved quickly as well. Many thanks to the guest with the IPod!

After the rounds of special dances and some candy buffet refills, I was able to relax and enjoy the party as a guest for a couple of hours. Moonlighting :) Later came pack-up time and we got that done in a flash with a little help from a couple friends and family. Totally not neccessary, but so very appreciated!

Shelby & Kevin, thanks a million for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your day, for welcoming us also as guests, and special thanks to Shelby for all these month as a friend who sincerely cares about people. You are truly one of a kind. Have a WONDERFUL honeymoon in Europe!

* Photographer Samantha Vanderlist of Shutter Sam (; DJ Sean Bouchard of Complete Music DJ's; cake by Roma Bakery * (Update ~ Some pro photos can be seen here)

The happy groom with a wedding gift....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kristin & Christopher

Ceremony Location: St Aidan Catholic Church

Reception Location: Dearborn Inn

Colors: Hot pink, light pink, black, silver

# Guests: 140

Emergency Kit Items Used: 2 Advil :)

Well what more can I say here ~ Kris and Chris are a gorgeous couple and soooooo nice. The day was sunny and bright for the most part, and by the time it rained, the reception was already in full swing so no worries!

Emerald City was working hard when I arrived and I must say, they really do a beautiful job. EC had provided and set up full-length table linen, chargers, floral centerpieces complete with scattered gems for some sparkle, table numbers, head table swag, pink uplighting, and a full pink rose on each place setting. I was just in the same ballroom at Dearborn Inn two weeks prior and it looked completely different! The uplighting really adds to the atmosphere and makes me wish I'd done some at my own!

Kris had a large floor monogram ( that nearly gave me a heart attack, but luckily one of the kind Emerald City workers helped me get it down there. Thanks so much guys!! She also had a framed seating chart done by Kristie at So In Love Invitations, a photo guest book, the photo card box ( some really pretty DIY blinged-out toasting flutes for the bridal party (on top of some GORGEOUS Swarovski ones for the bride & groom), and place cards with cute little logos I believe she also had Kristie do. These logos determined what plate each guest was to have for dinner and they were so cute. I overheard quite a few people, including the DI wait staff, commenting on them.

Again, the Dearborn Inn staff was thorough and professional as always. They don't miss a beat. Everything ran smoothly and on time. The only minor snag of the evening was in regards to the hired cocktail hour pianist; hopefully the company who was to provide them will compensate and resolve the issue as needed.

Thanks to Kris's mom, she was a real doll ~ and also to Ed and Adrienne from Memories of Yesterday Video (, it was SO nice working with then, they were terrific and SO nice to talk to! Families and vendors like them are part of the reason I LOVE doing this! Also part of the "team" that night were Matt Candela (another great DJ from Mike Staff Productions) and photographer Jason Samkowiak (some pro photos now located here). Thank you, thank you, thank you! The lovely bride and groom seemed SUPER happy with everyone.

Congratulations Kris & Chris, have FUN FUN FUN at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica!! I wish I could sneak in your suitcases! ;-)