Monday, March 23, 2009

Stephanie & Daniel

Ceremony: White House Wedding Chapel
Reception: Crank's Catering
Colors: Hot Pink & Black
Guests: 175
Saftey Pins Used: 2

Stephanie had expressed a need for limited assistance the day of her wedding, lighting all of her candles (and boy were there a lot of them!!), making sure vendors arrived, and also packing up at the end of the night.

Stephanie did not need any help with the venue setup of her wedding decor/accessories and the ceremony site had its own coordinator. She and her bridesmaids had set up all of the favors, centerpieces, etc, the Friday prior to the wedding.

I arrived at Crank's around 4:00 p.m. just go look around and get a feel for things. I was pleased at the clothing I had chosen that day, I had un-knowingly matched Stephanie's wedding colors! Since I came in to this late in the game for her, I was not able to visit the site ahead of time, but it really wasn't neccessary since the assistance needed was limited. As mentioned, she had been in there the day before the wedding to set up her table decor. I found a water glass missing here, a napkin there, a knife turned the wrong way major mistakes, easily corrected. I also made sure the 2nd head table was more centered as Stephanie had requested, and fixed the flower petals and centerpiece on it after the staff had moved the table. What I didn't remove before the table move had shifted gotten a little messed up.

As the guests arrived, I greeted them in the lobby by the place card table, encouraged them to write a message for the couple's "wishing bowl", let them know where the coat room and restrooms were. Since Stephanie had nice chair covers on her chairs, I think it's nice to encourage guests to hang their coats in the coat room instead of on top of the chair covers.

The bridal party arrived as scheduled and were announced and the night began as it should. Stephanie and Daniel were a fairly low-maintenance couple. I approached them a few times to get them drinks (at my wedding after talking to so many people, I was hot and parched, and wished someone would have thought to grab us some drinks occasionally!). Later on there were some family birthdays to celebrate which Stephanie had her baker to make 2 extra small cakes for, stored back in the kitchen. I coordinated with the staff and DJ to bring the cakes out and announce the surprise. I had birthday candles in my "emergency kit" but Crank's had these neat sparkler-like candles they could provide, so we used those instead.

Later on in the night, the hallway to the bathroom was pitch black when it had been lit earlier, so I asked the staff to check on that. Turns out both light bulbs had blown. The ladies room had a stopped up toilet and one stall had run out of paper, and I asked the staff to correct that too. Other than that, no major problems or disasters happened. I was mistaken for banquet staff a few times which is understandable. But, I had spoken with some of the staff members ahead of time to let them know that I was there to help, and absolutely not to step on their toes or make unreasonable demands. I am not a big fan of people on a power trip myself! We all should have one common goal, which is the satisfaction of the couple who just got married!

I was very glad to have been able to be there with Tyson from Rock The Booth. RTB did the photo booth for my own reception just a week prior. It was fun seeing the booth in action and the guests having such a good time with it. It was also nice to have a familiar friendly face to chat with through the night during down times. The DJ Kerry from Mike Staff Productions was great to talk to as well.

Congratulations Stephanie & Daniel!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

Testing, testing! Well here I am :-)

Currently for 2009 dates, I am offering a deep discounted rate for a basic 8-10-ish hours to be your very own whippin' girl on the day of your wedding!

(Please note that my sense of humor is slightly sarcastic and I have a laid-back approach to most things, but I take events pretty personally, and certainly seriously. I also understand that sometimes personalities just don't mesh, so please don't be afraid that you will hurt my feelings if you decide I am just not the right person to work with you!!)

We can meet in person for a consultation for however long is neccessary to go over the details of your event. Unlimited emails and phone calls are also available.

I love weddings, and I would be honored and thrilled to be a part of your beautiful day!

Please feel free to email me at with any questions you may have. Stay tuned, I will have a contract and reception package available soon!